Sicario 2: Soldado ⭐⭐⭐

Immigration and terrorism rear their ugly heads again in this sequel to 2015’s Sicario, tackling once more the tricky issues of the drugs as well as illegal immigrants trade that’s been forever bothering the Mexico-U.S. border. Josh Brolin’s federal agent Matt Graver and Benicio Del Toro’s mercenary return, this time, in a U.S. Government sanctioned […]

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Hereditary ⭐⭐½

Maybe I just have to chalk it up to overhyped expectations but once again, I was disappointed and underwhelmed by a film (horror, again) that critics seem to collectively adore and lavish with many a stars in their reviews, which I simply do not understand. As a feature debut, writer-director, Ari Aster, has a lot […]

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Ocean’s 8 ⭐⭐⭐

Fun, frivolous and forgettable – this does a perfectly acceptable job of being a pretty distraction for 1h50m in the company of 8 wonderful ladies on-screen who certainly have star presence, particularly Sandra Bullock and Anna Hathaway, in a film that doesn’t exactly tax their acting, or even comedic, abilities. The script and direction from […]

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Disobedience ⭐⭐½

Or, Jew is the Warmest Colour. This is the English debut for director Sebastian Lelio and his follow-up to the Oscar-winning A Fantastic Woman but unlike that film, this one feels more grounded, ordinary even, and lacking his surrealist visual magic that elevates AFW to be more than just a timely film about a niche […]

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The Breadwinner ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Set against the ominous background of Western air-strikes looming above their heads, a young girl named Parvana has to dress as a boy in order to take care of her family under the repressive Taliban regime in Afghanistan after her father, the only adult male member of her family, is unjustly taken to prison. Deservedly […]

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Book Club ⭐⭐

With four beloved, if not iconic, actresses from the 70s & 80s starring as lifelong friends, with differing marital statuses that cover the spectrum, who meet to drink and talk sex under the guise of their Book Club, this film has the potential to be a Nora Ephron-esque romcom, crossing Sex and the City with […]

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Beast ⭐⭐⭐

This Jersey set drama is half inter-class romance and half psycho thriller and while there are strong performances by Jessie Buckley as a troubled young woman called Mol and Geraldine James as her intimidating mother; I personally find the deliberate pacing too slow for my liking. Johnny Flynn, reminding me of a poor man’s Rhys […]

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Nothing Like A Dame ⭐⭐⭐½

It’s a simple idea executed wonderfully: you put four national treasures – real life Dames and the crème de la crème of the acting profession, in front of the camera and let them talk freely about their lives, loves and work, with the occasional prompt from director, Roger Michell and out pops a most magical […]

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