Mr. Robot (Season 1)

4.5 out of 5 stars Combining 70s conspiracy theories films with modern day Hacker Drama, this stylish and wonderfully written show is one of the most original TV you’ll see in 2015 and if you are one of those people who still haven’t seen it, I would recommend you go binge at once. If you […]

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Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion

5 out of 5 stars. The Doctor: “You just want cruelty to beget cruelty. You’re not superior to people who were cruel to you. You’re just a whole bunch of new cruel people. A whole bunch of new cruel people, being cruel to some other people, who’ll end up being cruel to you. The only way […]

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Too Much TV – Part 2

The State of my ever growing TV Planner (continued from Part 1) I liked the first season of How To Get Away With Murder (Season 2 Universal/ABC) but the end of episode 1 of the new season gave me pause as it reminds me too much of Damages (the time jumping is getting a bit […]

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Too Much TV – Part 1

How one viewer is coping with the new seasons of TV shows this Autumn I love watching TV as much as I love going to the Cinema but reviewing TV episodes is a huge commitment; and even if I do it by season, it would be equally daunting, as quoting a dear friend of mine […]

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Sense8 – Season One Review

Three and a half stars out of five. Sense8 is a 12 episode drama created by the Wachowskis  (The Matrix) and  J Michael Straczynski. (Babylon 5), which debuted on Netflix in June 2015. Designed for binge watching, its premise is that 8 individuals suddenly find they are telepathically connected forming the Sense8  – even though physically they […]

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