Extra Ordinary ⭐⭐½

A peculiar curiosity released early March on Netflix (after a theatrical release in Ireland last September), this small budgeted Irish comedy centres on Rose, a young woman who has inherited her father’s supernatural talents. When she crosses path with the oblivious but kind-hearted widow, Martin and his teenage daughter who’s being threatened by Will Forte’s washed up American rock star planning a come-back courtesy of a pact with the Devil, hilarity and a fight between good and evil in a small Irish village ensue. This is a bit like Gareth Marenghi and Graham Linehan collaborating to remake Ghostbusters, and this shambolic silly nonsense will make you groan and laugh in equal measures. Forte plays it perhaps a little too broad which can be annoying but then it makes watching him suffer when he gets his comeuppance all the more enjoyable. There’s something fresh about the gender reversal of making the woman the hero who comes to the man’s rescue, but otherwise, the plot here makes little sense, falling regularly into convolutions and admittedly is all-over-the-place; but its Irish charm, and that of Maeve Higgins, who plays the sweet Rose, without which this film would probably be unwatchable, are always at hand to pull the audience back on the side of this underdog of a film.

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