Atomic Blonde ⭐️⭐️⭐️

While I confess I have a lot of fun watching this, the film is a curious one to grade and review here. On the one hand, we have action sequences so beautifully and imaginatively choreographed, it will leave you breathless and in awe of David Leitch’s work here after his debut in directing John Wick. To have one such sequence is impressive but to have them throughout the film, with the best one, a fight scene shot seemingly in one take and lasts 15 minutes or perhaps more (I was so taken by it that I lost count), is just showing off. Intensely visceral and absolutely bonkers, this is a brilliant technical achievement that is easily 4 stars worthy. But on the other hand, this film also appears to have given up on narrative coherence and logic. The premise is promising: Charlize Theron is the titular spy on a mission set in Berlin in the late 80s just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Stunningly watchable and drop dead sexy, she is accompanied by a kick ass wardrobe and a soundtrack that’s era appropriate and pure Europoptastic bliss. James McAvoy plays a cartoonish and somewhat obvious, narratively speaking, frienemy, but still the film looks great and is excessively stylish and cool. However, I find it hard to overlook all the dodgy plot holes and contrivances that, by the time we get to the final denouement, doubles down on all the bluffing and double bluffing and reaches logical meltdown. Frustratingly, either I have failed to understand it or the 2 stars script is just pure nonsense. In the end, I have no choice but to average the grades out.


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