Dunkirk (IMAX) ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

There seems little point to pile on more praises, so I will just say that this film is conceived, written and directed with Christopher Nolan’s singular vision which manages to recreate a piece of history on screen in a visceral and spectacular manner, leaving its audience breathless and in awe, together with an ambitious and inspired script that is tremendously moving and thrilling at the same time. Depicting the events in 3 separate narrative strands, one on land that takes place over a week, one at sea that takes a day and lastly one by air for only an hour, the film overlaps the 3 storylines, showing them simultaneously, intercutting and weaving in and out of these narrative strands with amazing clarity and dexterity. Hoyt van Hoytema’s cinematography, using IMAX cameras, produced beautifully composed images that are full of poignancy and meaning. Hans Zimmer’s relentless soundtrack reinforces the escalating tension as the frantic pace of the intercutting narratives become more urgent and gripping, bringing to mind The Battle of Algiers. The script cleverly focuses on a handful of individuals and their ‘smaller’ stories and brings the audience into an intimate space where they can relate and care for them. And not even Harry Styles can take me out of the film, who is joined by a fine and compelling cast of known (Rylance, Hardy, Branagh..) and lesser known faces (Whitehead, Lowden Glynn-Carney…). What is truly impressive and extraordinary is not only we get to see an immersive and meticulously reenacted military operation, something a more ordinary film would do, but moreover, that Nolan manages to put that spirit of Dunkirk on the screen and that is why this is the Oscar movie to beat this year.


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