Despicable Me 3 ⭐⭐½

There are not many animation that I would consider paying money for: most Pixar, some Disney and the odd Lego Movie. Ghibli, too, but that come more under foreign cinema. And then there’s the guilty pleasures of Gru and his Minions. There was undeniable charm in their eccentric though infantile humour but the main appeal is their cheeky, rather gruesome and anarchic tone. But as they get more popular, that gets more diluted out. During the course of the trilogy, Gru has acquired 3 adorable girls, a wife and now a brother in that order. And as a result of that ballooning cast, it becomes problematic to find a plot, no matter how slight, for everyone to hang around for and the Minions, by far the funniest creation of the franchise, are sidetracked. Thankfully these separate and scattered storylines – unicorn hunting; Lucy being a trainee mum, an 80s obsessed villain (funniest thing since the Minions and aptly voiced by Trey Parker of South Park) and of course Gru’s discovery of his twin brother, somehow manage to converge, together with the Minions which literally drift back in after what is in essence a mini-Minion-movie detour, in the finale. The film remains as colourful and dazzling as its predecessors but this outing feels patchier and it will need to get more inventive and focused for this over-aged viewer if you want me to pay again the next time.


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