Spider-Man: Homecoming ⭐⭐⭐½

Our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man returns – but this time to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Good action, well-judged comedy and  a marvellous Spidey in the shape of Tom Holland is combined with the major selling point – and a wise move 6 films into the franchise – that this film is set in the same universe as the Avengers, Thor and in particular Iron Man.

At times in fact this feels a little Iron Man Lite what with Robert Downie Jr back as Tony Stark and a talking Spidey-suit, the former always a pleasure, the latter development a little un-Spidey like to be honest.

But clear plotting, an excellent Vulture in the form of Michael Keaton and movie which knowingly pays homage to the classic John Hughes movies make the 2 hours 15 minutes fly by.

Good fun then, but in a season of Super-Hero fodder, a little disposable. You feel you’ve been here before at times.

Or is that my Spider-sense tingling?


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