My Life as a Courgette (Ma Vie de Courgette) (Sw/Fr) ⭐⭐⭐⭐

In this Oscar nominated stop motion animated feature from Switzerland/France, a horrible accident happened early on and the rest of the film deals with the aftermath as a young boy now finds himself in a foster home. Under more melodramatic (or American) hands, this could be tortuously contrived or sentimental; but understatement is the key here and the film manages to touch on various rather adult subject matters in a way that is truthful, accessible and not overwhelming for the intended younger audience, while for the older companions, they will find something emotionally and visually rich. The narrative is arguably a tad simplistic and over-optimistic, but at just over an hour long, it is a succinct and life affirmingly positive film that uses nothing but clay and a lot of heart to wonderful effect.


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