Table 19 ⭐⭐⭐

(In-Flight movie #1)

Relatively inventive wedding themed rom-com infused with the DNA of Breakfast Club as the focus is on the titular last table at a wedding party where they seat all the misfits, or as the film explains: those people who ticked Yes when they should’ve replied No. Not everyone’s back story works but the able cast that includes Phoebe from Friends, Zero from The Grand Budapest Hotel, Ricky Gervais’ tall buddy Stephen Merchant (or Caliban from Logan) and the always funny and watchable June Squibb delivers and sells them with comedic gusto. The central ‘rom’ characters are not as formulaic and stereotypically written as one would expect and Anna Kendrick is able to bring a level of sympathy and emotional resonance to her role. An unexpectedly decent rom-com that’s easily overlooked but well worth your time.


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