Jack Reacher: Never Look Back ⭐⭐

(In-Flight movie #2)

Less worth your time and even more formulaic than expected is the new Jack Reacher. So much so that I miss the crazy hamminess of Werner Herzog who would have liven things up a lot more and goes to show these films are only as good as their villains. Unfortunately the story is not unlike a very special episode of NCIS when Tom Cruise’s Reacher has to help a fellow female Army Major played by Cobie Smulders who is arrested for treason. Lots of running ensues and they also pick up a teenage girl who may or may not be Reacher’s daughter. The last film in 2012 feels like an airport thriller but this is even more so and equally forgettable. To make matters worse, the fight and action sequences are not as exciting or memorable as before. (Or maybe we just expected more from Mission Impossible: Tom) A rather dull and lumpen affair that makes one wishes Cruise has taken note of its own title and not looked back.


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