The Mummy ⭐️⭐️

The Mummy Returns.  Oh dear, I wish she hadn’t.

Less ‘Curse of the Mummy’, more ‘Curse of the Film-goer’, this is a disappointing Mash Up of ‘Tom Cruise movie’ and ‘Universal Horror’.  A major misfire from one of the biggest film stars in the world, this is a terrible disappointment.

From word go, dialogue is lame, gags fall flat, relationships are unbelievable.

Of course with blockbusters of this kind, we almost come to expect and appreciate the visual and technical expertise at work in this type of Hollywood product. It looks great and admittedly one major and much spoiled sequence thrills.

But something has gone significantly wrong in the scripting and overall concept.

Intended to set up Universal’s new ‘Dark Universe’ movies, the film splutters from its opening. Jake Johnson is a weak Simon”Benji’ Pegg stand-in – yes I know I can’t believe I am writing  these words – phoning in a comic  sidekick performance  East of ‘An American Werewolf in London’. Annabelle Wallis shows less life than the Mummy herself and Russell Crowe appears to have walked in from an other film altogether. Actually he probably has – one scheduled for a couple of years time!

Am I the only one suffering from ‘Universe’ fatigue? My advice to the Studios is make a great standalone film first – don’t worry about the Universe building.

There are three wonderful ‘Mummy’ movies out there –  in 1932, 1959 and 1999. All enjoyable in their ways.  Go and watch one of them and avoid this monster mash-up.




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