Wonder Woman ⭐⭐⭐⭐

An Amazonian warrior princess  (super) -heroically assists in the struggles of the 1st World War.

An admission  – the recent run of DC movies have left me cold.

Whereas Marvel has managed to – excuse the pun – assemble a coherent series of Superhero movies, each with their own style, yet each existing within an extended universe, the DC movies have been a sorry bunch. Box-office aside, no one has much good to say about the mess that is ‘Batman versus Superman’. ‘Man of Steel’ lacked the fun and innocence of the original ‘Superman’ series and I’ll be honest I never even saw ‘Suicide Squad’ , based on audience feedback.

But ‘Wonder Woman’ is different and probably the Blockbuster I have enjoyed most this season.

A terrific origin story is aided by clear story telling, deft direction by Patty Jenkins, great visuals and its secret weapon  – a  enchanting performance by Gal Gadot in the central role.

The narrative nimbly shifts from Greek myths, to ‘fish out of water’, to exciting action sequences.  A great cast from reliable leading man Pine as well as a lovely comic and very welcome turn from Lucy Davis prove to be excellent company over the two hours plus running time.

I saw this only a few days after the terrible recent terrorist attack in London. In a frightening uncertain world, it was great to escape into a world of romantic adventure – with some great London locations to boot.

A charming piece of old-fashioned escapism; I was won over.

Go wonder.







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