Wonder Woman ⭐⭐⭐⭐

For anyone growing up watching Lynda Carter spinning around on TV or any DC fans disappointed after the Zack Snyder films, this is a major relief and a step in the right direction. Cherry-picking and learning from previous superhero movies, Patty Jenkins proved to be a practical and effective director with a script by Allan Heinberg that avoid condescension while keeping a female-centric story universal and relevant for our times. There is the precision and economy in the first half of Man of Steel which tore through all the elements and emotional beats of an Origin story in a beautiful and succinct manner. Like in Thor, the light-heartedness of the fish out of water scenes when they try to blend in, makes the god-like characters more relatable and human. And finally a straight-forward, gimmick-free adventure thriller set during the Great War, shot with a slightly nostalgic eye but keeping the action sequences gritty and visceral with a dash of romance that will resonant and tug at heartstrings, which brings to mind Captain America and Agent Carter in the First Avenger. Gil Gadot’s Wonder Woman is determined and extremely capable and wisely steers clear of its camp TV past, with a dramatic tone that never gets too dark. It helps that she looks great and is totally convincing while Chris Pine’s supporting work here is sublime. Admittedly there are one or two ropey special effects that really have no place in a movie as big as this and the finale does revert back to the loud and messy endings that are now borderline tiresome in this genre but by then, the amount of goodwill generated by the film itself has made them a lot more forgivable. Benefiting from the low bar set by the last few DC movies and the simple fact that they did not mess it up, Wonder Woman, while not a perfect film, is certainly entertaining and as a summer blockbuster, it does the job wonderfully well.


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