Their Finest ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Drama about the making of a propaganda film in the Second World War.

I suspect you are looking at the poster for this film and you think you’ve seen it already.  Or you’ve seen the trailer and  classified it as  cosy, comfortable viewing – but not something I’d watch at the cinema.

But I’d suggest you think again. Sure this is an interesting period piece with decent  production values and direction from Lone Scherfig, but it’s more than than that.

For one thing it’s genuinely witty. Sure Bill Nighy is doing his faded rock star – here faded matinee idol-  thing, but in this case he is on top form  – with great one liners.  He’s helped ably by a lovely supporting performance from the always watchable Helen McCrory.

Then there are the leads – Sam Claflin and Gemma Arterton – who are perfect as the  writers, struggling to deliver a moral boosting screenplay based on Dunkirk.

They are really charming in story, which is never as predictable as the premise sounds. A movie, which deftly charters the changing role of women during  the Second World War.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and was often surprised and indeed moved.

Give it a go.



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