Life ⭐⭐½

A very genre specific sci-fi horror film in which we find a bunch of scientists on a space station orbiting Earth discovering a single cell Lifeform in samples received from Mars that soon multiplies into a nasty Predator, and turn our scientists into Alien chow.  Conventionally made this Alien clone might also remind you of other similar films such as Event Horizon or The Thing, but the most disappointing thing is how closely the film follow the formulaic conventions and plotting of the post-Scream postmodern slasher film, even down to those ‘surprise’ plot-twists that we’ve all seen before that now just induce mass audience shrugging alongside the mass audience groaning at the plotholes and dumb decisions the characters make. The small cast gives it their best considering the material but there really is nothing much for them to do – which leads me to suspect Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds slumming it here as a bit of fun and a career-cleanser in between better films. The production values and special effects are decent but there’s nothing special other than just competence in Daniel Espinosa’s direction who often relies too much on loud sound effects to conjure up the scares when less could have been eerily more.


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