Can’t Stop The Music (1980) (35mm) ⭐⭐½

This late entry to the disco movie genre after the success of Saturday Night Fever is simply a shambolic cash-in. Nancy Walker’s directing is amateurish with little regard to continuity. The acting is stiff or hammy, sometimes both; while the script is shoddily written, with random scenes thrown in for no particular reason and unsurprisingly makes no sense whatsoever. Purely as a means to link one musical number to another, we have a cliché ridden rags to riches story of The Village People and a fictional songwriter played by a fresh-faced Steve Guttenberg, more than likely cast due to his goofy handsome look than his acting abilities. This is pure cheese sprinkled with glitter but the music is irresistibly catchy and the campy musical numbers are a joy to watch. Just try not to smile and roll one’s eyes at the same time as Guttenberg rollerskates down NYC in a tight pair of white trousers  in the opening credits to David London’s The Sound of the City. While the Village People tries to read their lines coherently on screen, they are supported by a cast that includes a chesty Valerie Perrine (so they can pretend it’s not all about scantily dressed and barechested guys) and Caitlyn Jenner back when she was still Bruce, who together with the Village People, often stumble unintentionally into comedy gold. For a film as poorly executed and acted as this, it is surprising to find charm in it 37 odd years later at the 2017 Flare Festival with a rather well preserved 35mm print in an IMAX theatre, perhaps watching through rose (or Rosé even) tinted glass. While the execution of the film itself is at best a ⭐⭐1/2, it is a thoroughly enjoyable guilty pleasure that ought to have its own rating in cheese – in which case it deserves a big stinky 🧀🧀🧀🧀!


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