T2 Trainspotting  ⭐⭐⭐⭐

20 years later in this T2, we find Danny Boyle, Ewan McGregor and the rest of the cast in fine nostalgic and reflective form. It’s in a great scene, about 10-15 mins into the film: Mark Renton has returned to his now widowed father’s home and they sat down around their kitchen table, framed exactly the same as before, but now with an empty silhouette where his mom used to be, that I feel finally reassured that the film might actually be alright. In the end, not only has it avoided fucking up the legacy of the first film, but the belated sequel has in fact something meaningful to say while riffing on the original’s cinematic themes and motifs. Boyle’s direction is as kinetic and energetic as before; his choice of soundtrack, at times a little overwhelming, but still cool and poignant; and the charming original cast eases back into their characters who are older but not necessarily wiser. The betrayal that ended the first movie rears its ugly head when Mark return to Edinburgh invoking memories and long buried emotions as well as the possibility of revenge, setting up the gang for another McGuffin of a scheme and perhaps further betrayals. John Hodge’s script explores themes of manhood, friendship and forgiveness and it is funny, emotional and ever so slightly twisted with an additional sense of regret and melancholy for time and youth wasted. This return may not be necessary but I’d gladly choose to spend time and re-acquaint with these old friends if it is as entertaining as this film is.


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