John Wick: Chapter 2 ⭐⭐1/2

While the first film has the elements of unexpected pleasures and surprise on its side, that’s not the case for the sequel. Chapter 2 is the same old B-movie overkill nonsense and it goes without saying that logic and realism has long been decimated and ripped to shreds, while there is hardly any concern that our man, played with the same stoic stiffness by Keanu Reeves who has now adopted this style of acting as the signature for his character, will come to any serious harm that he cannot dust off and get back up in the next bullet ridden scene. The truth is, the first (and pretty cool and visually very exciting) car chase aside, the rest of the film suffers from fight and gun fatigue as repetitive and relentless scenes of bloody violence can get a bit laborious and desensitizing. Those scenes are still meticulously executed, with real stunts instead of CGI, but this time round they just seem less fun to watch despite Laurence Fishburne dropping by to chew some scenery. So while the ending paints our anti-hero into a corner, awaiting further mayhem in Chapter 3 no doubt, perhaps a better way to extend this franchise is to get a spin-off of the Continental, the hotel for assassins run by the ever watchable Ian McShane. I know which one I would prefer watching.


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