Bazza on…. The Oscars

As I write this – on a flight back from Madrid, would you believe!- we are but hours from this year’s Oscars ceremony. Always a laugh, I don’t believe the Oscars should be taken too seriously. Often they get it terribly wrong. But even then it’s fun to look back and argue over the merits or non-merits of previous winners

And so to tonight’s bash. And actually for a change the selection of nominees is pretty stunning. Let’s have a look at a few.

Best Picture – for a change a damm right brilliant selection of movies. I wouldn’t be unhappy if either La La Land, Arrival, Hell or High Water or Moonlight won. All brilliant movies to boot. In the end it’s between Moonlight or La La Land and it’s the latter, where my heart lies. Though Oscar may still surprise.

Best Director – Likewise it’s Jenkins versus Chazelle. Both could win. But hey, you all know where my emotional heart is.

Best Actor – I’m still hopeful that Mr Afleck will get himself a golden statue for ‘Manchester’, but Hollywood likes a story and a win for Denzil for Fences looks pretty likely as I write this. It’s a good performance admittedly but a little showy. I guess that’s what may win it.

Best Actress – it’s Emma Stone for me all the way. Surprise, eh? Admittedly Natalie Portman was brilliant, but hey the really best actress decided to opt for Supporting Actress. Go figure. And where was the wonderful Aimee Adams on the list? Go figure again!

Best Supporting Actress – Of course it’s Viola Davies all the way for Fences.  But in my ideal world she’d be getting Best Actress and this would belong to the extraordinary Naomie Harris for Moonlight.

Best Supporting Actor – It’s  Mahershala Ali for Moonlight. Quite right too. Brilliant. You feel his presence in that movie even when he’s not in screen.

That’s me done on the big awards. I’ll see you back here in a day or two.  When I’ll either be smiling as big a smile as Emma Stone or giving you a great big dose of Viola Davies fury!





One thought on “Bazza on…. The Oscars

  1. Aimee Adams? Really? I think I now know why her name was left off the ballot. (It’s because people can’t spell it right btw.)
    Otherwise, I’m in total agreement with your summation and predictions. If only I have a way to find out if you’re right or not in a Roman world bereft if both internet, Sky or even phone.


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