The Lego Batman Movie ⭐⭐⭐

Juvenile humour sits side by side with clever meta-postmodern in-jokes for the more film savvy amongst the audience – Lego’s spoof of the Batman movies is messy and chaotic Fun for ages 3 to 103. Will Arnett’s Batman and Zach Galifianakis’s Joker are as good as any of their predecessors with additional comedic timing; but with every cultural and cinematic icons from Superman to King Kong, Sauron, the Daleks British Robots and Voldemort appearing also, the voice talent behind them is like a bizarro recasting come true via Lego logic/magic. The themes of family and loss are organically derived from the Batman series but the treatment here is a little sentimental and familiar and the new song proves that not everything is as awesome as Everything is Awesome. (Though their use of the 1966 Batman theme is very funny and certainly more memorable.) Not as surprisingly good as the Lego Movie, there is still enough zaniness and jokes per minutes to keep the film chuckling along and a massive improvement from the last Batman movie for sure!


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