Sing ⭐⭐1/2

With a few pleasing one-liners and songs definitely chosen with a slightly older crowd in mind, it would seem at first that this film is aiming both at the teen market as well as their adult companions. But even a slightly more savvy kid, let alone an adult, will pick up that the better-than-karaoke singing is not terribly original here. Just like the film, with lazy stereotypes substituting for characterisations, which may be cute to toddlers but groan-inducing to anyone older; and predictable plotting so obviously signposted, it can only appeal to a very mainstream and undemanding crowd.  It isn’t quite the X-Factor satire set in Zootropolis that the poster and trailer allured to, and frankly, if it was human actors on screen instead of colourfully animated animals, this would be a whole lot less charming and rather a lot more unbearable.


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