La La Land ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1/2

Joyous and bitter sweet. A movie that Cinemascope was made for. Go see on the biggest screen you can!

Despite mostly rave reviews, it is a Marmite movie … I have spoken to a few friends who vehemently disliked it whilst others have been in raptures. Whilst I acknowledge the singing and dancing aren’t up to Gene Kelly / Fred & Ginger standards – again a friend contended that she had seen better dancing on Strictly! – the film is elevated by its performances (especially from Emma Stone, who is the emotional heart of the movie) and cinematography. The one-take opening sequence on the LA freeway is worth the price of the admission ticket alone.



2 thoughts on “La La Land ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1/2

  1. A great review which acknowledges the Marmite nature of the movie. Admittedly a surprise to me.
    Perhaps expectations have been set too high?
    Then again I loved it as much on a second viewing.
    Vitamin for the soul.


  2. Second viewing last night has not changed my mind much – so no need to do a 2nd review.

    Still joyous and charming as I remembered it. The music got everyone humming along as we exited the auditorium. We were a group of 13 and everyone loved it – to a varying degree admittedly. But the general consensus is that it is a 4 stars movie and I stand by my 4.5 stars review earlier. A bona fide classic in the making. BUT I must confess there is no denying the power of seeing a film blank and be totally surprised by it as I did witht this at Curzon Mayfair back in October 2016.

    Hopefully Der Smullen’s review to follow.


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