Assassin’s Creed ⭐⭐

Not a gamer and having seen all that I want to see of Michael Fassbender in Shame already, it is mostly curiosity that motivates me to see if the curse on movie adaptations of video games continue even for the team who conquered the Shakespeare title that shan’t be spoken. Well… you saw my rating above. The main problem isn’t the uninspired acting or the fact there are only a few action sequences even though they are adequately staged and somewhat fun to watch on their own. As always, it is the script. While it doesn’t feel tied down by the original source material (of which I know very little but at least it doesn’t feel like I am watching someone else playing a video game in the cinema) the story lacks coherence and logic. Not quite sci-fi enough, nor is it meant to be supernatural. The drama never really takes off and so I never feel invested in any of the characters, leaving me vaguely distant and disinterested throughout. It doesn’t help that the film also peaks about 15 mins too early before the end and what you expect to be a second climax turns out to be the exact opposite – a damp squid of an ending that does almost nothing except over-optimistically sets up a sequel that should prove to be unwarranted. Needless to say, the curse continues.


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