A Monster Calls ⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you must fault this film, it can be a little tear-jerking and Liam Neeson sometimes sound like the Trailer Guy whose favourite phrase is “In a world where…” but hopefully, like me, you will soon get used to Liam’s delivery and it is a very minor quibble that hardly distracts from this genuinely moving film that delivers an emotional sucker punch in a most exquisite manner. Fluidly directed by J.A.Bayona, using both real action with animated interludes that rendered the storytelling within the storytelling delicately beautiful, deceptively effortless and quietly affecting, it also has a naturalistic and heart-breaking central performance from Lewis MacDougall. Crossing the DNAs of Terms of Endearment, The BFG and Guillermo Del Toro, even though this is a film about a young boy, it is a surprisingly mature and gut-wrenching film with adult themes that will resonant with anyone who has lost someone they love, no matter what age. And don’t forget to bring tissues with you.


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