Passengers  ⭐⭐⭐1/2

Essentially a film of 3 parts: a moral dilemma, a romantic story and a disaster averting thriller in that order; the ambitious and multi-tonal script needs a really good director to pull it off as well as a pair of actors who are on-screen more or less all the time on their own to sell this premise. In the more than competent hands of Morten Tyldum, the director delivers a pristine and visually impressive film that, at least for me, is engaging and entertaining enough. As for that cast: anyone else but Chris Pratt will not be as relatable and charming in a role that could easily turn creepy and alienating, while Jennifer Lawrence’s role would not have worked in less capable and gorgeous hands. What the script lacks in the end is a bit more risk-taking. While the setup is certainly intriguing, the rest of the film is fairly by the book. As the film takes a more conventional turn, I brace myself for a contrived ending, choking in saccharine, which thankfully didn’t happen. What we have is a compromised resolution that redeems the characters enough so as to leave the mainstream audience it’s targeting happy enough without getting oversentimental. As a piece of escapist entertainment, I enjoy it much more than I expected, so either I was charmed over by the delightfully watchable leads, for which I confess I have a soft spot for; or I was just in a more forgiving festive mood as I certainly didn’t find the film as preposterous or problematic as other reviewers have.


3 thoughts on “Passengers  ⭐⭐⭐1/2

  1. I agree Patron. I think the critics have been unkind. It looks stunning, the leads are very engaging. It’s main flaw – as you have suggested – is a lack of ambition, but not was very enjoyable couple of hours of escapism.


  2. I should also add: I think the script is ambitious in that it is trying something different – it is just that they do not have the conviction to see it through and settled for a more conventional ending.


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