La La Land ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cinematic heaven – film of the year? It could be!

“Another Day of Sun” is the opening song and sequence of “La La Land”, at the end of which my fellow audience members all  burst into rapturous applause. Me too!

I was smiling and laughing  and loving this wonderful follow-up by Damien Chazelle to ‘Whiplash’.

Chazelle’s magical tribute to classic Hollywood musicals  (think Stanley Donen in particular) is not just a homage but a remarkable modern  and very fresh take on the musical genre.

Brilliant songs, spellbinding choreography, beautiful cinematography, charming performances from Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling  – I could go on.

And it’s smart too; with a killer final sequence which grounds the movie in the ‘modern’.

I saw La La Land way back in the London Film Festival and I’ve been struggling ever since to write my take on this extraordinary movie.

Except that in writing this, I am smiling again. Broadly in anticipation of seeing it all over again.

Go see.


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