Paterson ⭐⭐⭐

Adam Driver is mesmerizingly watchable as a bus driver named Paterson in Paterson, New Jersey who also happens to write poetry in his secret notebook when he is alone.  A quiet and passive man who seems to be hopelessly in love, the only window into his thoughts is via his poetry that we hear and see on screen as he writes them. His home, workplace and the bar he visits every night represents the mundane minutiae of everyday life that repeat like a verse or a refrain, punctuated by random snippets of conversation by random passengers on random subjects that he hears on his bus. Beautifully composed and dryly observant, if you know your Jim Jarmusch, you will know that everything is underplayed and not a great deal happens. What’s playful and amusing for some could be slight and forgettable for others. As for me, while I appreciate it, I’ll happily swap it for a strong, engaging narrative in a heartbeat.


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