Bleed For This ⭐️⭐️1/2

The boxing movie is such a tired and formulaic genre that it is often easy to fall into self parody. While this film falls short of doing that, neither can I say it reinvigorates the genre in any fresh or inspired manner. A solid entry that earnestly presents the story of Vinny Pazienza, a determined and ambitious boxer who overcame some major adversities to reach his goals, the writing and directing here is unexceptional but competent. So, it is left to the performances of a cast led by a likeable Miles Teller and a transformed Aaron Eckhart, to make this watchable and, in the end, an emotionally satisfying film and this they do. There are no surprises here, narratively or technically speaking, but while the film conventionally centres on the boxer’s story, an opportunity was perhaps lost by not spending more screen time on Eckhart’s Coach Kevin Rooney and Ciaran Hinds who plays Pazienza Senior to figure out their motivations and narrative arcs as well.


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