The Secret Life of Pets ⭐️⭐️1/2

It has been said that this is a ripoff of Toy Story since the story and the structure is pretty much: replace Toys with Pets, et voila, a new franchise is born – and that much is true. But that’s a bit like saying Cinderalla ripped off Snow White and I think there is space for both to coexist. So judging this on its own, it is briskly paced, has a few good laughs and the characters are well drawn in both sense of the word. It is no Toy Story when it comes to pathos and depth but it is a perfectly serviceable and decent piece of animated fluff. And one more thing: after Finding Dory, I am having major problem suspending disbelief when I see animals driving vehicles, even in animation. I know it might be silly to quibble over that in a film where animals talk but it is just so very distracting for me when I see this and it isnt funny or clever either. Am I the only one thinking this?


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