Train to Busan ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2

Zombies on a train is a concept so obvious, I am surprised that there isn’t already a SyFy TV movie before the arrival of this Korean import. Production values are excellent, and the special effects terribly convincing even for an audience fed on a weekly diet of The Walking Dead and other CGI zombiefest that turns up on our big screen with regularity. Keeping contrivances and obvious plotting in check, this is a scary thrill ride that goes from one action sequence to the next with relentless pacing; at the same time, it uses the setting of the train as a microcosm of our civilised society to show us its ugly and selfish side in the face of a catastrophe. There is the usual overegging and sentimentality associated with Asian cinema and you could argue some of the characterisation lack subtly but this is pure entertainment for the senses in the style of an Irving Allen disaster movies of the 70s and yet somehow manages to breath fresh life into a tired genre.


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