I, Daniel Blake ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The latest Ken Loach film delivers, as one would expect, no matter where one stands on the political spectrum. The typically unfussy direction is effective. The script is tight, and with no pretence of balance, this is simply an emotionally powerful argument and indictment on an imperfect and often hostile social security system that finds some people falling through the gaps. Some of the plotting might seem a bit neat but it feels no less real and never stray too close into melodramatic contrivances. And as always, his film always makes the best of new or lesser known actors. Dave Johns and Hayley Squires are naturalistic and totally believable in their respective roles, and the latter gives a particularly heart-breaking performance. Tender and lighter moments keep the audience engaged when tackling a serious subject matter, even for those who might not agree with the film’s point of view and in fact, makes you re-think about the issues at hand and therein lays its ultimate power.


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