Doctor Strange (2D) ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Three out of five stars.

Talented, if arrogant, surgeon is crippled in a car crash but emerges as the latest protector of the Earth with his own magical super -powers.

The latest Marvel Studios’ installment adds the Sorcerer Doctor Strange to its roster of superheroes  and provides an enjoyable roller-coaster ride with rather nifty effects.

In fact it’s the standout visuals which sets the film apart from the recent run of super-heroic frolics – think ‘Interception’ to the max. I almost regretted I didn’t catch this in 3D.

Or a few beers or something stronger beforehand  might have added to the experience!

Beyond the trippy side of ‘Mirror universes’, which gives the effects houses a whole new playground to work in, it’s pretty much business as usual here. A fast-paced ‘Origin Story’, never boring, kept me entertained despite a minimal plot and weak villain.

On occasion the one-liners feel a little shoe-horned in, but they work. And it’s a nice point to jump into the Marvel Universe – no weighty continuity here.

Chiwetel Ejiofor and Rachel McAdams are largely wasted in supporting roles, but Tilda Swinton impresses as a glacial ‘Obi Wan’ type figure. And it’s great to see the Cumberbatch  owning the screen is his first big-time movie headlining role.

So a satisfying if not exactly ‘Marvel’-ous time at the movies.


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