Happy 1st Birthday to us!

The more eagle-eyed of you would have noticed our little anniversary facelift. Mainly it is to refresh our look after a year’s worth of cinemagoing. Also, we thought there are some improvements that we can make:

  • the Search function is now more prominent
  • as is the Follow button for anyone who likes our reviews
  • the Lastest 20 Reviews are now listed on the sidebar for easier access
  • please do press CONTINUE READING to read our longer reviews – it’s nice to know our reviews are being read by someone!
  • and until we figured out how to put proper Stars in our reviews, the asterisks (*) will do for now.

Thank you to anyone out there reading us in the last year. We hope we have been entertaining enough and please do come back or Follow if you like what you see.

It’s been a blast writing this last year and here’s to another grand cinematic year ahead for all cinema-lovers.


The SubtitledFriends.


2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday to us!

  1. Happy first anniversary, very enjoyable reviews! By the way WordPress supports emojis so you might find that the star emoji serves as a replacement for your asterisks (not sure about a half star emoji however).


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