La Noche *1/2

1.5 out of 5 stars

In this experimental independent film, whose budget is so small that they can’t even afford an editor hence the film is a mind and ass-numbing 135 mins long, Eduardo Castro directs, writes and stars as a character living in the underbelly of Bueno Aires boozing, having sex, looking for and taking drugs, all the while engaging in minimal conversation. The near wordless but very graphic sex scenes, barely just short of hardcore pornography, set the tone for this challenging and transgressive film. However, meandering scriptlessly for over 2 hours from bars to clubs to seedy hotel rooms and back, with the odd shirt shopping trip thrown in, it spends an eternity trying to say something that could be done in half the running time. Shot in a documentary and very matter of fact style, and (probably) involving real characters Castro found on the streets, it is an intriguing look at the desperation and empty lives of people on the edge of society surviving solely on a diet of sex and drugs, but, with all the good intentions aside, they probably deserve something better than this film which comes across as indulgent or even exploitative.


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