Don’t Think Twice ***1/2

3.5 out of 5 stars

Just because this is mainstream and an easy, and certainly entertaining, watch does not mean it cannot be profound and meaningful and this film delivers on both. When a thinly disguised Saturday Night Live type show comes talent hunting at The Commune, an improve group of struggling comedians, the internal competition between them comes bubbling to the surface. As a film about this particular art form, it depicts the insecurities, loneliness and frustration these people have to go through as they try to make it big; but it is also a film about people in their 30s growing up and facing up to realities and shattered dreams and this is where this universality gives the film extra depth and insight. A funny and well observed script (with, admittedly, an over-neat but heartwarming ending) by Mike Birbiglia and a cast that’s able to deliver both the comedy and the pathos and underlying emotions underneath – this is a gem of a film that deserves a wide audience.


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