Taekwondo **1/2

2.5 out of 5 stars

In this Argentinian film that purports to examine ideas of homoeroticism, masculinity and bonding between men, 8 friends are vacationing in a big house and one of them brought along a new guy the others suspect might be gay, even though everyone walks around topless most of the time or even pants-less sometimes. This is a beautifully shot film with young buff actors, full of low angle shots aiming at the crotch area and totally has the gay male gaze in mind. The film establishes the relationships between these people with organic and natural scenes of conversations as well as silences, but what’s lacking here is a bit of drama and a more intriguing story. I was expecting the film to be about how the dynamics between them change when they find out that one or more of them are gay but the film only skirts around the issue frustratingly. Instead, we got one long 2 hour tease that makes the film drags with a payoff in the last moment that’s not sufficient and substantial enough to justify that very long build-up to it. If this is gay porn, and it no doubt looks like one, this is all foreplay and one far too quick money shot that leaves you unsatisfied to say the least.



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