All of a Sudden (Auf Einmal) **1/2

2.5 out of 5 stars

In this German film, a young man’s life is turned upside down when a mysterious woman gatecrashes his dinner party and dies later on. While that is certainly an intriguing and promising start, how much one enjoys the film will depend on how much one is able to buy the surprising turn of events during the third act when he is able to take advantage of the situation in a more unconventional fashion. Personally, I find it a bit contrived and it is unclear to me whether the characterisation shift is a transformation as a result of the preceding events or a revelation of his true self.  Questions are left hanging or only merely hinted at and motivations remain murky. This is a cold, perhaps even cynical film and one that I find not easy to like, whilst appreciating that it is well directed by Turkish director Asli Özge and Sebastian Hulk in the lead role does a fine job playing him enigmatically. However, as a thriller, it lacks momentum as the film never really lifts off; while as a drama, I am unclear as to what this film is really about and what themes it seeks to explore.

[On another note, it also doesn’t help that the auditorium was literally freezing cold – ironic I know! – and all I wanted to do was to finish the film and get the heck out of there!]


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