2 out of 5 stars

A singer who competed for Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest the year Abba won is now working in a paté factory and lives in quiet, obscure solitude when she meets a (much younger) boxer who recognizes her. From this very Brit-rom-com premise, comes this intermittently amusing but ultimately slight film. The best thing here is the illuminating presence of Isabelle Huppert. Her Lilliane’s transformation from a stoic existence to one that is filled with love and new opportunities at a later stage of her life is enchanting. Equally impressive is the music by Pink Martini and it is a total challenge not to hum those earworm-like tunes as one leaves the cinema. However, broad plotting that lumbers from one scenario to another until a conventional and convenient resolution, fails to generate much natural drama for the film. An undemanding watch but not totally unlikeable, if nothing else, this answers the question: if we make a Britcom in French would it make it any better? Je dis Non.


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