Sully ***

3 out of 5 stars

The surprise film this year at the LFF turns out to be a popcorn movie based on true events in 2009 when a passenger plane had to make a forced water landing on the Hudson River and all 155 souls onboard were saved. Put together with minimal fuss by Clint Eastwood, this is an uplifting and popularist film where every emotion is highlighted and manipulated for maximum mass appeal. With the real incident itself lasting less than 4 minutes, the 96 mins film feels stretched and padded and outside of that remarkably re-created landing that was shown twice, the rest of the film’s dramatic thrust lies in a Safety Board hearing that doesn’t sound that exciting on paper or on screen, no matter how much the film tries to jazz it up. Thankfully, Tom Hanks gave a top notch performance showing us every conflict, self-doubt and reluctance his character feels as he is herald as a hero, and rescues the film from being just a more glamourous disaster of the week TV movie, and one where we all know that everyone survived, to boot.


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