The Infiltrator

2.5 out of 5 stars

A glossy looking film full of quiet menace and simmering tensions that leaves me for the most part unmoved and oftentimes confused. The performances by an ensemble of great character actors from Olympia Dukakis to Jason Issacs, anchored ably by the always sublime Bryan Cranston, are fine and immensely watchable. But as the narrative becomes more and more weighed down by its plot and way too many similarly looking supporting characters, I was distracted and disengaging with the film. Individual scenes that would work on their own do not seem to come together into a fluid whole and I was left wondering if I had missed something in the often quick fired or whispered lines. There is a more coherent thriller somewhere in this film; as there is also a tense drama here about the conflicting emotions undercover agents have towards the criminals they befriend and then betray in order to bring them to justice. But for me, the end result appears to have fallen short on both accounts.


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