Sausage Party

3.5 out of 5 stars

In the 90s, VeggieTales was an animated series about talking vegetables and fruits in stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity. I had to look this up on Wikipedia, as I had a faint recollection but I was too old to have grown up watching those cartoons. So here we have the absolute opposite of VeggieTales: talking food or household products living in a supermarket where they believe once chosen by the gods for departure to the Great Beyond, their lives will be better… but of course the truth is that they will be consumed and thus murdered. It is a clever and simple conceit that’s constructed, based no doubt on quite a bit of stoners’ logic, but nevertheless in a surprisingly coherent and straightforward fashion. The end result is a laugh-out-loud adult animation comedy that’s rather rude, in a very juvenile way, but also a film with hidden depth. The most interesting thing about the film is not its obsession with sex but that it is a rather subversively anti-religious film – not against spiritualism, but its targets are forms of established mass religion and blind faith. The production is deliberately primitive, but the substantial vocal talents led by Seth Rogan and Kristen Wiig are impressive: in particular, Edward Norton (channelling Woody Allen) and Selma Hayek (typecast as what else but a sexy taco). A lot of films with similar “high” concepts (pun certainly intended) usually have no idea how to end or worse still, pulls back in the last reel. Thankfully, the writers are not afraid to push the concept to its logically orgasmic limits here with an ending that feels tonally right, totally outrageous and even optimistically sets up a potential sequel: a tri-factor of an ending that will keep me cumming back for more. Teehee, indeed.


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