Star Trek Revisited

Not the latest addition to the much-loved franchise, but rather my re-examination of the ten movies pre-reboot on shiny discs. Cards on the table here … I love Trek! I love its characters, its humour, its optimism for a better future. Heck, I even love its cheesiness and the old wobbly sets of the original series. But whilst I approach […]

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Bridget Jones’ Baby

2.5 out of 5 stars In the scheme of things, there is nothing terribly wrong with the 3rd instalment of the Bridget Jones franchise. No doubt an improvement from the last disastrously unfunny and narratively messy Edge of Reason, and wisely harking back to the original, the film sparks and develops organically when it concentrates […]

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The Magnificient Seven (2016)

3.5 out of 5 stars I should confess before I begin this review that I have not seen the original 1960 film or The Seven Samurai on which both films are based on. I think it is important to note this as I can only imagine others who have will have a different experience from […]

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Hell or High Water

4.5 out of 5 stars    A neo-Western, brimming over with outstanding performances, sharp dialogue and stunning photography, which documents  two brothers’ quest  to save their family home from foreclosure  through a series of bank heists across the economic wasteland of Western Texas. Tense, funny,moving without being mawkish … one of the best movies of […]

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Hell or High Water

4 out of 5 stars Essentially a cops and robbers thriller with a heavy tinge of the cowboy Western genre, it is also a political statement on poverty and a quiet but powerful denouncement of our modern financial banking system. While this will always be known as the film where Chris Pine shows us that […]

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Captain Fantastic

3 out of 5 stars The fact that the film manages to overcome a trailer that gave away much of the plot and a subject matter that doesn’t hold much appeal to me is testament of its strength and I must admit I enjoyed the film more than I thought I would. There’s much originality […]

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Cafe Society

3.5 stars out of 5 Whilst it is safe to say that this no Annie Hall, equally it is certainly no Cassandra’s Dream.  An homage to Hollywood of the 1930s, it boasts some fine performances, pithy one-liners and a great jazz soundtrack. The cinematography is a joy to behold, with the scenes in Hollywood looking like they are […]

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Café Society

3 out of 5 stars The last good Woody Allen film was 2013’s Blue Jasmine and based on the track record of his regular but some might argue over-prolific output, we are due a really good one but sadly this isn’t it. The last few Allen movies, including this one, have been passable but whimsical […]

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The 9th Life of Louis Drax

3.5 out of 5 stars What surprises me most is not that the Guillermo Del Toro/Tim Burton infused children’s tale turns out to be more of an adult whodunit thriller – and a good one too even though yours truly did guess the ending, not that I mind when it makes sense, but I digress […]

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