Jesus Christ Superstar – at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

4 1/2  out of  5 stars.

And so it was that the Subtitled Friends made their annual pilgrimage to the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre.

And the weather was good. And so was the show.

“It’s like they’ve kicked Jesus Christ Superstar up the arse” said der Smullen wisely.

And blimey he was right. An extraordinary show, which sets events in a simple structure of girders -managing a deft balancing act of both updating the show as well as firmly appreciating its roots as a seventies concept album.

Performances are excellent all round,  but if one had to name one stand out it’s Tyrone Huntley’s ferocious Judas.

Timothy Sheader’s big brash staging is electric and on the night we attended it had the seal of approval of Tim Rice, who came on stage to commend the production.

And in the closing moments, very moving. This version  is bound to transfer to the West End. Deservedly so. If it does, catch it.



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