Finding Dory

3.5 out of 5 stars

Audiences for a new Pixar film are spoilt as their films’ qualities have always been consistently high that we expect a lot every time. While this sequel 13 years later does justify its existence as more than just another money grabbing exercise, with a well thought out story (to an extent – but more on that later) that plays up the disability angle (not just with Dory’s short term memory loss but also other slightly disabled, but equally loveable sea creatures who band together for a common goal) and some colourful and clever dialogue that adults and more sophisticated kids alike will appreciate;  it isn’t exactly unforgettable as that song plays out the movie. The new characters, especially Hank the ‘septopus’ are as charming and welcoming as Ellen DeGeneres’ return as Dory. But I have to deduct a ½ star when the script paints itself into a corner that it cannot get out of without stretching credulity in the final act. (And yes, I am aware that I am talking about credulity in a film where fishes talk but this is Pixar and we expect better!) I don’t know if octopi can camouflage themselves like chameleons but when one starts driving a truck, my suspension of disbelief, even in an animation film, breaks. Still, this is an immensely entertaining and exquisitely rendered film, with emotional moments that will tug hard at those heartstrings and lifts your spirits up as you exit the auditorium. But it just isn’t as good as Finding Nemo nor matches any of the Toy Story sequels.


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