Suicide Squad

2 out of 5 stars

With Deadshot miscast (Will Smith, looking no meaner than a constipated cat, cannot help but smooth out any of his character’s villainous edges) and the Joker being a glorified cameo, it is left to Harley Quinn’s barely cladded shoulders to carry the film and she is by far the best thing in this otherwise shoddily scripted mess directed by David Ayers as a TV pilot with higher production values and a bigger budget. The plotting is predictable (and often predictably lame) and naturally makes little sense but while it perhaps sets up more promising things down the line – a Harley Quinn and Joker movie seems inevitable now – as well as putting certain pieces of the Justice League puzzle in place; a coherent and interesting movie they do not make. The zany and hyper-colourful visuals on screen, in its attempt to dazzle and to look cool, promise a crazier and more offbeat movie that it was ultimately unable to deliver and this slick sheen of superficiality cannot disguise the lack of substance and genuine hipness in an end product that turns out to be a lot tamer and rather ordinary.


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