4 out of 5 stars The melodramatic complexity of human and sexual relationships; the sombre and thoughtful meditation on parent/motherhood and guilt as a virus affecting those you love; the stylish designs and colour palette not to mention the use of luscious Reds: welcome back to Almodovar country and it is also a welcomed back […]

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War Dogs

3.5 out of 5 stars After Whiplash, I would gladly go see any film with Miles Teller (though I draw the line with Fantastic Four but I will probably catch it at some point, but I digress). In War Dogs, it is his character who acts as our guide into the world of arms dealing […]

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David Brent: Life on the Road

3 out of 5 stars The difference between The Office and this feature length movie is fairly obvious: you get David Brent in only small doses, moderated by an ensemble of well-written, varied and often more likeable individuals in the sitcom but as the title indicates, the film is all Brent, all the time. And […]

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Jason Bourne

3 out of 5 stars Back when The Bourne Identity bursts onto our collective psyche in 2002, it was a breath of fresh air and put the stale Bond franchise to shame. Then we got the Daniel Craig era Bond films which rejuvenated itself by incorporating all that is gritty and exciting that the Bourne […]

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Finding Dory

3.5 out of 5 stars Audiences for a new Pixar film are spoilt as their films’ qualities have always been consistently high that we expect a lot every time. While this sequel 13 years later does justify its existence as more than just another money grabbing exercise, with a well thought out story (to an […]

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Suicide Squad

2 out of 5 stars With Deadshot miscast (Will Smith, looking no meaner than a constipated cat, cannot help but smooth out any of his character’s villainous edges) and the Joker being a glorified cameo, it is left to Harley Quinn’s barely cladded shoulders to carry the film and she is by far the best […]

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Three and half out of five stars. A big, friendly movie for the five year old in me. Enchanting performances all round – but really what would you expect when you are in the hands of professionals like Spielberg and Rylance? Not a classic to be honest but Melissa ‘ET’ Mathison’s last script captures the […]

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Star Trek Beyond

Four out of five stars. This may be slightly predictable. It may go boldly into familiar territory. And it may lack the sense of ‘occasion’ which is essential to the really great Trek movies (Khan, Country and Contact), but this is no science fiction slacker. Spectacular, entertaining with some truly wonderful character moments. Flawed  – yes. […]

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Jason Bourne

Two and a half out of five stars. Good direction (Greengrass), charismatic star power  (Damon) can’t surmount the hurdle that the scripting is very lacklustre. Tony Gilroy’s contribution to installments One to Four is sorely missed. Sorry, less Jason Bourne, more Jason Bore.    

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