4 out of 5 stars The melodramatic complexity of human and sexual relationships; the sombre and thoughtful meditation on parent/motherhood and guilt as a virus affecting those you love; the stylish designs and colour palette not to mention the use of luscious Reds: welcome back to Almodovar country and it is also a welcomed back …

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Jesus Christ Superstar – at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

4 1/2  out of  5 stars. And so it was that the Subtitled Friends made their annual pilgrimage to the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre. And the weather was good. And so was the show. "It's like they've kicked Jesus Christ Superstar up the arse" said der Smullen wisely. And blimey he was right. An extraordinary …

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Three and half out of five stars. A big, friendly movie for the five year old in me. Enchanting performances all round - but really what would you expect when you are in the hands of professionals like Spielberg and Rylance? Not a classic to be honest but Melissa 'ET' Mathison's last script captures the …

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