Inner Sanctum – the Pet Shop Boys at the Royal Opera House

Five out of five stars.

The Pop Kids deliver with this thrilling concert in the unique surroundings of the Royal Opera House.

Patron Wong wondered if he was watching an art installation at times such was the brilliant use of visuals from the very opening with the track ‘Inner Sanctum’ through to the closing crowd pleaser ‘Always on my Mind’. Innovative laser effects swiftly blended into physical lighting rigs. And to cap it all a  line up of Glowing Michelin men dancing to ‘Left to My Own Devices’! You had to see it to believe it.

But great visuals aside, PSB have a superb back catalogue of pop hits to plunder as well as a great new album. Their brilliance -the ability to write and perform the happy sad pop song – should not be underestimated.

The intention seemed to be create a clubby vibe – but in the Royal Opera House. And they well and truly succeeded.

In one word.





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