Now You See Me 2

3 out of 5 stars

The first film was ridiculous and disposable but it was also kinda enjoyable – like chocolate for the eyes: comfort food that gives you a rush but ultimately not good for you if you consume too much. The sequel offers a few good set pieces and also double down on the crazy fun of Woody Harrelson and succeeds in dazzling (or is it distracting?) with its slick, overproduced imagery but essentially it is superficial, contrived and made very little sense: just like the magic tricks it depicts. To illustrate the level we are working on: in one scene when a character’s motivation was questioned during an important reveal towards the end of the film, his answer is basically he doesn’t know followed by some glossed over pseudo-philosophical nonsense. Further, the cartoony villains pose little dramatic threat and the double crosses and triple crosses make a mockery of narrative coherence. Yet, in spite of all this, you can’t turn away and you are mesmerized by its sheer stupidity and total abandonment of anything resembling logic in favour of pure unadulterated nonsensical fun. It’s like watching a demented puppy chasing after its tail: fun to watch for a while but nonetheless totally forgettable afterwards.


2 thoughts on “Now You See Me 2

    1. Thanks for your comments and sorry for the late reply (been away on hols!).
      I am glad to find someone else who has also enjoyed NYSE2 as I think we are kinda in the minority as reviewers go. But I cannot say I liked NYSE2 more as I think the first one has a slight edge for being fresher and therefore was more of a jolly surprise to discover. See you at the cinema for NYSE3!

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