Independence Day: Resurgence

2 out of 5 stars

It is to no one’s surprise that Independence Day: Ridiculous is a piece of nonsense as loud, dumb, and overblown as its predecessor 20 years ago; only this time without Will Smith, there is unfortunately also less charisma to go round. Most of the other older cast members are back but the film fails to make the best out of their (comedic) chemistry and instead having to cede time to Liam Hemsworth and the younger cast who do their best with their paper-thin characterisations and a script that doesn’t really give them a lot to work with. Speaking of the predictable script, the story is almost beat for beat the same as the original – down to the same gung-ho inspirational speech by Bill Pullman’s President Whitmore. The remake disguised as sequel approach has worked for other franchises resurrected after a long hiatus (see: Jurassic Park and Star Wars) but it appears the jig is up and the execution here isn’t as accomplished or as dazzling. The special effects are adequate though the one that’s featured heavily in the trailer where London is being dumped on with an unknown Asian city probably works better on paper than the murky and cheerless videogame-like outcome we saw here. Crazily enough, I cannot say I didn’t enjoy the film despite all its flaws and diminishing marginal returns, and I feel that it is at least very honest about what it sets out to do and what it is, however, I do draw the line when the film suggestively makes the ending open for a threequel. After this outing, no one needs a third Rehash of Independence Day, not even in 2036.


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