The Nice Guys

3.5 out of 5 stars

Who would have thought that two actors NOT known for their comedic chops could have such comedic timing and chemistry? Watching Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling riffing off each other is the best thing about this film for me. Shane Black adds a sheen of 70s chic and coolness with his direction and while his script has its moments as we watch the not totally competent detectives almost accidentally bumbling onto the truth, it just isn’t as clever or as sharp as his riskier and funnier work in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – which still stands as the epitome of the buddy cop movie genre invented by Black himself. The set-up here is intriguing enough but the end feels slightly half baked and less than satisfying. Maybe it was the trailer or the extremely positive reviews promising way more than the film can possibly deliver and I really wanted to like the film more, but compared to KKBB, the Nice Guys, as entertaining and watchable as it is, just come across as nice.


2 thoughts on “The Nice Guys

    1. Thanks again for your comments and thanks for reading our stuff!! Not sure about the Nice Guys 2 or the Nicer Guys – the box office probably doesn’t justify that but I hope their chemistry means they can carry another movie soon together.

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